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The makeup and beauty industry is a fascinating, rewarding and rapidly growing career choice. If you desire to become a makeup artist, the best way to learn is from a professional makeup artist currently working in the industry.


Veteran Boston makeup artist and Anemone Makeup founder, Ann Marie Laurendeau has been teaching various forms of makeup artistry for years by offering individual sessions to her executive clients, plus workshops and seminars for college theater art students and women's groups.


Ann Marie's teaching style is effective because class size is limited to small groups and tailored to meet the needs of each individual student.  Ann Marie's honest and non-competitive approach to learning allows students to acquire a better understanding of various application techniques and how to successfully choose and apply the right makeup products and colors to successfully satisfy their client's needs.


Makeup artist classes/Boston, offers instructional classes in various types of makeup including; Basic Beauty Professional Application, Bridal Makeup, Media Makeup, & Theatre & Fashion. Also offered are classes in marketing and building your portfolio. Upon completion of each class, students will receive a certificate of attendance.


All classes are taught by Ann Marie and designed to be 100% informative. Keep in mind in most states there is no state requirement or cosmetology license required to work as a beauty makeup artist. When working in this industry you will be judged on your talent, creativity, professionalism, and skills needed to apply makeup to men and women of all different ages and skin colors. This can't be emphasized enough. Once you learn the basic skills and techniques taught in any one of our classes, a lot of practice is what will make you a successful makeup artist.



Anemone Makeup Classes

Interested in a new and exciting career? Looking to increase your earning potential? Learn the art of Makeup from Boston's leading professional Makeup Artists.

Makeup Artist Classes, Boston was developed 5 years ago by Veteran Boston Makeup Artist & Anemone Makeup founder, Ann Marie Laurendeau to offer aspiring makeup artists as well as pros a variety of informative and affordable classes that range from a basic makeup application to more advanced skills such as media makeup for photo shoots, fashion, theatre and television.

Whether you are a novice, a pro artist, or someone who just loves makeup, there's a variety of makeup classes to fit your needs as well as your budget. Makeup Artists Classes/Boston offers classes that cover all the necessary information needed for  students to get  started or further their career.


At Makeup Artist Classes/Boston we provide students with the most current application techniques required to work behind the scenes at photo shoots, theater performances, fashion shows, weddings and MORE!  Makeup Artist Classes/Boston offers classes that are essential to become a successful & working makeup artist!

The advantage of taking classes at Makeup Artist Classes/Boston verses from other makeup artists, Cosmetology or Esthetic Schools...


 Flexible Schedule

All classes are offered on evenings and weekends. Students may take one class or register for the entire artist training program.



Due to the fact that in most states there is no state requirement or cosmetology license   required to work as a makeup artist why spend a large sum of money on a one week or longer training. Once you learn the technical skills, your success depends entirely on you!


 Class Format

Classes are taught in a relaxed, fun and informal setting and limited to small groups. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of each individual student and believe open communication is the key to achieving the best results when learning a new art.


 Instructor Expertise

All classes are taught by 20+ year veteran Boston makeup artist & hairstylist, Ann Marie      Laurendeau who currently works in the fields of television, editorial, celebrity, runway, theater and weddings throughout the United States and beyond.  Ann Marie delivers the honest truth about the industry, and is passionate about helping others find the same joy she experiences working as a makeup artist.


The makeup and beauty industry is a fascinating, rewarding, and rapidly growing career choice, register today and discover why Makeup Artist Classes Boston is quickly becoming the leader in specialized makeup artists training!

Knowing how to apply makeup in a way that looks natural and doesn’t look “made up” is an art in itself!

-Ann Marie Laurendeau, Makeup Artist/Classes Boston, Founder and Makeup Artist
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Ann Marie Laurendeau, Founder & Makeup Artist

Founder of Makeup Artist Classes/Boston, and Anemone Makeup Artist Agency, Ann Marie Laurendeau has worked in the fields of television, editorial, celebrity, runway, film, theater, and weddings for over 20 years. A Ma licensed Esthetician and artist by trade, Her work is regularly featured on national networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN and publications including; Self, More, Shape, Body & Soul, Martha Stewart Weddings and the Knot. Throughout her career Ann Marie has worked with clients such as, Maria Menounous, Diane Von Furstenburg, The Boston Bruins, The Boston Celtics, Live Nation, Dish Network, & BOSE as well as countless musicians and corporate CEO's.  (View clients @


Ann Marie's, versatility and intuitive sense of style have made her one of Boston's most sought after makeup artists. Her creative imagination and ability to excel as both makeup (including airbrushing) and hairstyling has earned Ann Marie a place on CBS-4 editors A-List as one of Boston's leading hair and makeup  professionals from 2006-2010.


In 2006 Ann Marie launched her own line of Anemone products which includes skin care, mineral makeup, and artist's brushes. Her botanical based products consists of neutral colors and lightweight textures designed for women who want a modern, sheer natural looking makeup application and sold exclusively at


Ann Marie is based in Boston and frequently travels throughout the United States and beyond. Ann Marie has a true passion for her work and enjoys sharing her years of knowledge with others. Ann Marie believes there is an artist in all of us and hopes to inspire students to explore their creative side. To contact Ann Marie, email

Register today and get started on a new and recession proof career!